Vegetarian Restaurants in Kumamoto City

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Kumamoto City

Postby wardmj7 » Thu May 31, 2012 12:50 pm

I'm a former Kumamoto JET who will be visiting the prefecture this August for Yamamga's lantern festival. I plan on being in Kumamoto shi for one or two days before returning to my former town of Kikuchi. Since leaving Japan I've become a strict vegetarian (no meat including any type of seafood) and I know Japanese food isn't always the most veggie friendly. I'm currently in a similar situation in Korea but I've found that restaurants associated with Buddhist temples are usually vegan, so are there any good 精進料理 (shoujin ryouri) restaurants in Kumamoto-shi? While I've done a bit of an internet search I'd like to hear people's personal recommendations. I don't mind if it's pricy if the food is good :)
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