Official Facebook Page for Current JETs

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Official Facebook Page for Current JETs

Postby scottb » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:38 pm

Greetings Kumamoto JETs. This is Scott, formerly of Kumamoto and currently working at CLAIR and residing in Tokyo.

You may have heard, but the Department of JET Programme Management at CLAIR has created an official JET Programme Facebook page. Our main purpose for the page is to keep current JETs and contracting organisations more informed of things such as application deadlines for conferences, TOA/TEFL, etc. and announcements regarding changes to the JET Programme.

Of course, we will still use the same CLAIR --> Host Prefecture --> Contracting Organisation --> JET Participants paper/e-mail flow of information as before, but at the same time we will post information on the Facebook page and hopefully get the information out to all of you much sooner.

Soooo, (here comes the plug) please like the Facebook page, or better yet, please like the page and select "Get Notifications" via the like box. If you don't have Facebook or would rather not like the page, that is fine of course. You can still view the page anytime you want though via the following link. ... 0938121634

Happy holidays!


I must admit, I really only logged into the forums so I could post this: :kumamon:
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