Requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto

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Requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto

Postby Andrea » Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:16 am

Hi everyone! I'm sad to say that I will be requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto this year -- I'm off to get married! I'd like to continue JET into my fourth year if possible, but I'm quite afraid that it won't be because I can't find any JET-ly info from the area where I will need to move to: Kanagawa-ken. My fiance is in Kamakura and works in Kawasaki, so anywhere within commutable distance would be preferable. Knowing what JET does, though, I have my doubts that any position in such a highly populated area exists...especially since the last yahoo/facebook post I've seen made from a Kanagawa JET was in 2008/9. :(

What I'm looking for is really a couple things:
--A general list of the papers that they will actually need for me to prove I'm getting married. The re-appoint form states that you have to turn in such a document, but I don't understand which one that is, and if it' s only one, and if it needs to be signed by my fiance as well.
--Know-how on how specific I can/should request my new placement. And, therefore,
--A list on where there are currently active JET locations in Kanagawa. Is there a master list of Japan out there that I just can't find? I though I've seen one before.

Any other advice on requesting marriage-related inter-ken transfers would be greatly appreciated, too! My BOE already knows about it and I have my supervisor's full support. We already have the (general) dates down on when the documents will come and their deadlines to be turned in, and what I will do if I'm turned down. (No need to warn me about that one. :) I know it's highly likely, and I understand all the reasons why.)

Thanks for any help you can supply!!

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Re: Requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto

Postby umeboshi » Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:45 pm

Hey, Andrea - just quickly. Before JET I lived in Kanagawa and I really badly wanted to stay. I requested Tokyo and Kanagawa as my top two choices, only to find out later the only Tokyo placements were actually islands in the Pacific and the handful of Kanagawa placements were filled by French JET. The rest of the former JET ALT placements are all now managed by various companies, or possibly privately. I have a friend who got a job to work as an ALT in Chiba privately because her friend's dad taught there. Anyhow, I think your best bet may be applying to Chiba (think Disneyland) , which still has placements. I'm not sure what the stipulations are, whether your fiance has to be residing in the prefecture requested, but it is worth a try. Or you could take a probable pay cut and go private. Good luck. :nunchucks:
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Re: Requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto

Postby Marie » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:20 am

Hi Andrea,

Have you posted on the national JET forum as well? It you have not, posting there might give you access to more JETS who might have been in a similar situation. Before I came to Japan I was married and requested to be placed with my husband and we have always been placed together. I realise that a transfer is a little different but from my experience if you are married they try really hard to place you as close to your spouse as they can. Hope this helps a little.

Address for national JET forums
Kind Regards
Marie :D
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Re: Requesting a transfer out of Kumamoto

Postby achludzi » Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:46 am

Hey Andrea-

Congratulations on your engagement! In regards to positions in Kanagawa, I just wanted to add that they do not have an AJET chapter, and have not for the past several years; JETs are pretty scarce in the area. As for JETs by prefecture, I remember seeing a master list floating around on the web somewhere when I first joined the programme last year. I'll try and find it again, but I remember it does exist.

Hope it all works out!
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