How do I taught 保育園?

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How do I taught 保育園?

Postby Todd » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:36 pm

I have a first-time nursery school visit coming up and I was hoping to get some advice from those of you who do these routinely. What kinds of stuff do you usually do? I figure it will be a one time only thing (unless I can do it again during another semester break) and only a few hours long. I figured I would do concentration-type games with colors and animals, and do a couple songs. Any other suggestions?
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Re: How do I taught 保育園?

Postby achludzi » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:11 pm

Hey Todd-

I dont do nursery school, but I visit a Kindergarten (ages 2-5) about once per month, and the following ideas were all great successes...

- Self introduction in English and Japanese, seeing what the kids pick up. I used a powerpoint for my self introduction, and had an Ampanman puppet introduce himself to the kids, and all of the kids introduce themselves to Ampanman.
- Translation and reading of a traditional Japanese picture book. This works best with a tale the kids are familiar with; my kids had been studying 'The wolf and seven goats,' and they all loved hearing it in English (complete with exaggerated motions and storytelling guise).
- Songs, including days of the weeks. Impressive that 4 year olds can pick this up when it is a chapter which is taught in Eigo Note for 5th graders.
- Duck Duck Goose fitted to whichever topic the kids studied that day. I used this with colors.
- Locomotory actions game during parent/kid day. Run, jump, walk, stop were the ones I remember offhand.
- Animal Locomotion for animal study. Kids would imitate whatever animal I said, hopping like a frog, slithering like a snake, running like a dog, etc...

Things which didnt work...

- Zombie, Ghost, Witch (Halloween game of rock paper scissors). I got this idea from Will, who used it at an elementary school to great success. I assumed this was an easy game (zombie eats witch, witch magicks the ghost, ghost is unharmed by zombie), and the 5 year olds understood it pretty easily. However, to the youngest kids who are just learning to grasp the concept of a paper wrapping a rock, this was quite advanced.

I feel a really important thing to remember is that you are working with a really young group of kids, and you should try not to overestimate their logic ability, and try not to underestimate their ability to be entertained by really simple games. Dont get discouraged if an activity fails, the kids still love you, and the staff usually tries super hard to help you as best they can. Also, keep an extra careful eye out for kanchos and cock-punching. Kids will grab and probe what they can reach, which happens to be right below waist-level.
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