School TVs

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School TVs

Postby Andrea » Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:05 am

While my city had to shut down three schools this year, it also was able to give every single school new, huge, flat screen TVs last year.

But my schools aren't using them. I think I'm the only one encouraging their use. At best, the elementary schools are having me do self intros using them for my photos instead of a projector. Once, I made interactive slide shows for a few different chapters of English in junior high [There is ~ There are, big-bigger-biggest, etc. are great for this!]. However, the teachers won't use them without me there (I don't go to one school for a very long time before I go to another, sometimes just one day, 4 if I'm "lucky"). They also say they don't know how, or, to be fair, there have been compatibility issues on the laptops that we are allowed to connect to the TVs.

So I was hoping to get advice here on how to best use TVs in the classroom!

One thing I want to know is if anyone has a way to capture a movie clip that can be showed again and again, but not in .mov form. Whenever I watch a movie now, especially animated ones (OK, so that's all I really watch), I hear all of the target grammar from junior high! It drives me nuts, and I really want to show my kids these specific clips to make them laugh and show them that they can understand. Around here, they don't have much use for English except for entertainment purposes. That's why I listen for easy English now whenever I watch anything funny -- especially if it's something they're familiar with like Shrek and Finding Nemo. I'm also usually very unsatisfied with Japanese translations... :sad:

Anyway, how to capture short clips with good quality sound, and any other useful TV using advice would be great! Especially if it wouldn't take much class time (always the time pressure from JTEs) and is unarguably beneficial to the students watching. Oh, and actually, sound-less ideas would be great, too, so that we won't bother or excite neighboring classes! :joy:
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