Movies Lesson

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Movies Lesson

Postby Cytrix » Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:11 am

School level: Low Level
Class level: 二年生 Advanced and Low level course.
Lesson duration: 1 lesson - 50 minutes


Objectives of Lesson
To practise using Movie-related English

Areas of learning covered
Reading: :idea: Movie words vocabulary, Genre vocabulary
Writing: :idea: Genres activity. Talking about Films activity. My Perfect Film activity (homework)
Listening: :idea: Genres, Talking about Films, Listening Exercise
Talking: :idea: Talking about Films, Movie words/genres vocabulary

Contents of Lesson Zip file
1. Movie Lesson Advnaced lesson plan
2. Movie Lesson Low level lesson plan
3. Movie worksheet Advanced
4. Movie worksheet Low level
5. Listening Dialogue advanced movies
6. Listening Dialogue Lower level movies
7. Talking about Films conversation Worksheet

6 Movie clips (trailers, can be downloaded online: various genres, at correct year level)

Movie Lesson materials
(176.53 KiB) Downloaded 332 times

Any questions don't hesitate to ask me! As of yet this lesson is untested.
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