Kumamoto JET Website (Homepage)

Welcome to the Kumamoto JET Website! All of the information available on this website is intended to help JET participants in Kumamoto Prefecture navigate living in Japan as well as to inform about upcoming events. If you notice that there is any information that is outdated or would like to report something about the website, please use this Google Forms survey to submit an inquiry or report.

Popular Pages

Collaborative Google Maps

Are you lost or want an idea of what to eat or do next in Kumamoto? Maybe you want to find a nearby shopping center or health clinic. Why don’t you take a look at our collaborative Google Maps!

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or receive any endorsements from any of the locations or businesses that are pinned on the map.

Collaborative Google Calendar

Visiting Kumamoto or wanting to do something over the weekend but don’t know what is happening? Check out some of the events happening around Kumamoto!