2018 Kumamoto Orientation

2018 Kumamoto Orientation

15-17 August, 2018

Presentations and Workshops:

  • Keynote Speech by Kristina Butke
    [1] Slides
  • Trading Places by Shenee Douglas and Kaye Levene
    [1] Slides
    [2] Worksheet
  • ES/JHS Activities Fair for Municipal ALTs
    [1] Handout by Roslyn Humphreys
  • ES/JHS Roleplay Workshop for Municipal ALTs by George Leach and Chiri Davis
    [1] Demo Lesson Plan and Tips
  • CIR Workshop by Greg Corbett and Youngsoo Lee
    [1] Slides by Greg Corbett
  • Exploring Kumamoto by Charles Marchant and Olivia Poole
    [1] Slides
    [2] Handbook Materials
    [3] Handout
  • Money Matters by Nora Schleupner
    [1] Handbook Materials
  • Office and Enkai Etiquette by Debbie Chaplin and Fujiko Okada
    [1] Office Etiquette Guidelines
    [2] Dress Code Guidelines
    [3] Enkai Etiquette Guidelines


  • Appliances & Electronics by Eric Goldberg
  • Cars and Driving by Justin Lau
    Pamphlet [1] [2]
  • Classroom Games (ES/JHS) by Simona Husarova and Eloise Pienaar
  • Classroom Games (SHS) by Kaye Levene and Zak Repman
  • Cleaning Products/Seasonal Housekeeping by Erika Bareng
  • Disaster Preparedness by Shenee Douglas
  • Eating Vegetarian/Vegan by Rose Lipton
  • Eikaiwa by Greg Corbett
  • English Outside the Classroom by Casey Jones
  • ES Teaching Materials by Hadijah Mohammed
  • Health by Jenifer Vosper
  • Special Needs Education by Sheridan Piltz
  • Traveling in and out of Japan by Stacy Chung
  • Women’s Health and Safety by Eve Gillison
    Handouts [1] [2] [3]