Car Information for Leavers

Selling your car

The options for getting rid of a vehicle are selling it to a dealership, selling it to an individual, or paying to have it disposed of.

Selling to a dealership

Take the car to a dealer and see how much you can get for it.  If you accept the price they offer, they will take care of the paperwork and tell you what to do from there. Dealers will NOT purchase cars they deem to have no resale value.

Selling to an individual

Just because you’ve made an arrangement or even exchanged money with a private individual does not mean you are rid of your car.  The vehicle is not completely off your hands until the person you have sold it to registers the transfer of ownership.  Be sure that the person who purchases your car is aware of the documents and procedures necessary to transfer registration. They will need certain documents from you as well.  Car taxes will continue to be charged to your name until the procedure is complete.

Disposing of your car

If you cannot find somebody to buy your car and dealerships won’t take it, you must dispose of the vehicle.  You will be liable for vehicle taxes until you do the necessary paperwork and physically dispose of your car.Vehicle sales or disposal companies usually take care of car disposal. This process can cost tens of thousands of yen. Necessary documents include:

– Vehicle inspection certificate

– Front and back number plates

– Certificate of disposal – from the disposal company or the licensing center if you dispose of the car yourself

– A letter of attorney if you are authorizing the disposal company to take care of the paperwork

– Your inkan

– Registration of the car from your local town hall

Warning: It is unacceptable to “dispose” of your car by leaving it at the airport or by the side of the road.  Your car is registered and can be identified as yours even without license plates.  Your home contact information is on record at the city/town/village hall and you will receive a bill for it eventually.