For Non-Reappointing JETs

Information Packet for Non-Reappointing JETs:

Every year the PAs compile an information packet for non-reappointing JETs. It is very thorough. Click below to view the 2020 version in pdf format.

2021 Information Packet for Non-reappointing JETs (PDF)

Other Helpful Resources:

Information from Outgoing JETs to Incoming JETs Form (English – MS Word)
後任者への引き継ぎ情報 (Japanese – MS Word)
Taken from the General Information Handbook for JET prepared by CLAIR. Use this form to pass information about your everyday life in Japan to your successor.

New! Immigration and Quarantine Guide (PDF)
Information about immigration and quarantine procedures for each country compiled by the Kumamoto PAs. Procedures may change at any time, so please confirm with the relevant authorities for your home country.

School Profile Sheets (MS Word)

Made by the Kumamoto PAs, these forms are for outgoing JETs to fill out to give their successor an overview of each of school, class, and teaching situation. Even if your successor will not take over your schools, you can give this sheet to your BOE to give to whomever will teach at your school next.

If you choose not to use the above materials, then please be sure to find some way to report your school and everyday life situation to your successor. Write it down for your successor because they may not be able to take it all in at once.

Pension Lump-Sum Withdrawal & Tax Refund

For more information about the Pension Lump-Sum Withdrawal & Tax Refund, check out our guide here.