Pension Refund

After your contract ends and you exit Japan, you may apply for a partial refund of the money you paid into the Japanese pension system while you resided in Japan. The process takes some time, but it’s well worth it considering the amount of money you get back. Here is an easy to understand diagram of the process. Further down the page you will find more detailed information on how to complete all of the necessary steps.

Pension Refund Procedures at a Glance:
This diagram can also be found in the General Information Handbook.

Note: The person you designate as your tax representative should have a high level of Japanese in order for the process to go smoothly. Your tax rep will eventually have to do your tax return all in Japanese. Please bear this in mind when considering who to designate as your tax rep.

Pension Refund Procedures:
Information taken from the 2020 Information Packet for Non-Reappointing JETs

This information can also be found HERE on the official JET website.

CLICK HERE to link to the Declaration Naming a Person to Administer the Taxpayer’s Tax Affairs form.

CLICK HERE to link to the Pension Refund Application Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Pension Book

Everybody gets a blue pension book when they come to Japan. You need this to get your pension refund. Before sending in your pension book, be sure to make a copy of the important pages, or at least write down your Pension number for your records just in case.

The pension book looks like this, and is about 14cm x 10 cm: