Kumamon gives you a warm hug! (Probably the only hug you’ve ever gotten. LOL.)

Kumamoto is a beautiful prefecture in the middle of Kyushu, which is well-known for having an incredible castle and the mighty Mount Aso, where you can find an active volcano. Explore iconic attractions and restorative hot-spring baths, authentic eateries and shopping streets bustling with local warmth, or hop on a train for easy day-trip access to almost any other Kyushu destination. Come visit us and connect with Kumamoto, and uncover Kyushu.

Collaborative Google Maps

Are you lost or want an idea of what to eat or do next in Kumamoto? Maybe you want to find a nearby shopping center or health clinic. Why don’t you take a look at our collaborative Google Maps! (ft. KumaJET and Senpais)

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or receive any endorsements from any of the locations or businesses that are pinned on the map.