Kumamoto Orientation

Kumamoto Orientation usually occurs soon after new JET participants arrive to Kumamoto Prefecture with the intentions of giving tips and suggestions on how to live and be successful on the JET Programme. Whereas Tokyo Orientation provides generic information on how to deal with issues that you may face on the JET Programme and while living in Japan, Kumamoto Orientation focuses more on giving a chance for new JET participants to join workshops and listen to presentations led by senior JET participants on how to deal with those circumstances while in Kumamoto.

You can find collections of materials, including presentation slides, workshops, and booth handouts, from past Kumamoto Orientations below.

2022 Kumamoto Orientation

September 7, 2022 at Suizenji Kyosai Kaikan

Presentations and Workshops

Workshop NamePresenter(s)Workshop Materials
Culture Shock and Stress ManagementBethany Harris
Paige Turner
Supplemtary Materials
Disaster PreparednessLuke BaldwinSupplementary Materials
Exploring KumamotoLily McDermott
Beginner JapaneseEmily Frisbee
Intermediate JapaneseDamon Christensen
Advanced JapaneseMomo Nishikawa-ToomeyPresentation
Kumamoto DialectAdam PoolSupplementary Materials
ES Teaching WorkshopElisabeth DesoniaPowerpoint
Supplementary Materials
JHS Teaching WorkshopHayley KirleySupplementary Materials
SHS Teaching WorkshopWilliam Braxton
Julie Guanzon Pearl
Supplementary Materials

Interactive Booth Materials

Booth NameHost(s)Materials
Women's Health and SafetyMary PainterHandout
Cleaning SuppliesAnnie BaumHandout
Queer Life in KumamotoJulia Neely
Callie Richardson
Health and Wellness in KumamotoXiomara CastroHandout
Getting COVID-19 in JapanHayley KirleyHandout
Food (Grocery Shopping, Being Vegan/Vegetarian)Yousef BeroucheHandout
English Board IdeasDerek LaHandout
Special Needs EducationEmily Frisbee
Cars and DrivingKhair Ali
ES/JHS Games and ActivitiesMomo Nishikawa-ToomeyHandout
Kumamoto DialectAdam PoolHandout
Kumamoto International FoundationSunao Yoshida
Walter Pugil
KumAJETDamon Christensen, Olly Barry, Goran Orr
National AJETSpencer Jiro ViernesPowerpoint