Kumamoto Orientation

Kumamoto Orientation usually occurs soon after new JET participants arrive to Kumamoto Prefecture with the intentions of giving tips and suggestions on how to live and be successful on the JET Programme. Whereas Tokyo Orientation provides generic information on how to deal with issues that you may face on the JET Programme and while living in Japan, Kumamoto Orientation focuses more on giving a chance for new JET participants to join workshops and listen to presentations led by senior JET participants on how to deal with those circumstances while in Kumamoto.

You can find collections of materials, including presentation slides, workshops, and booth handouts, from past Kumamoto Orientations below.

2021 Kumamoto Orientation

26-27 January, 2022 (online via Zoom)

Presentations and Workshops

Workshop NamePresenter(s)Workshop Materials
Keynote SpeechNora Schleupner Presentation
Trading PlacesKhair Ali
Daryl Rowe
Exploring KumamotoLily McDermott
Beginner JapaneseDamon ChristensenPresentation
Japanese Self-StudyRyan Pascua
Lewis Marks
Kumamoto DialectAdam Pool Presentation
Disaster PreparednessHester Mullen Pamphlet
Money MattersKhair Ali
Life in the InakaKelley Gathright
ES Activities Planning
Elisabeth DeSonia
Lucy Taholo
Additional Materials
JHS Activities Planning
Maddy McHugh
Mary Painter
CIR WorkshopWalter PugilPresentation
LGBTQ+Rae Mape
Rei Baldridge
Stress ManagementJennifer Saito Presentation
Teaching Special NeedsOla Yasui Presentation
ALT Panel DiscussionSpencer Jiro Viernes
James Cooley
Ola Yasui
Ruth Hara
CIR Panel DiscussionGeoffrey Breslin
Junyan Tan
Josie Dennis

Handbook and More!

In the Kumamoto Orientation handbook, you can find even more information related to living in Kumamoto and teaching that would have originally been presented at booths in-between breaks at Kumamoto Orientation. Most of the information in the handbook were submitted by current and previous JET participants. We highly recommend you take a look at the various information below!

2021 Kumamoto Orientation Handbook

Message from National AJET

Message from the Kumamoto AJET Team (KumAJET)

Message from Dr. Kutsuna