Women’s Health

Going to the Lady Doctor in Japan is, as you’d expect, slightly different than back home. Experiences with examinations vary; some tend to be very brief whereas others have had visits that lasted a while.

When going in for an examination, be prepared for how different it can be. Experiences vary, but it seems pretty common for the exam to be less private than you may be used to/expect– Think the doctor and at least two nurses in the room. The equipment might be a bit off putting as well, but outside of this, it is just as straightforward as it was in our home countries.

Gynecologists: Fukuda Women’s Hospital is the best place in Kumamoto for women’s health-related concerns. It is located near the central post office and the Kotsu Center in central Kumamoto. The clinic is open weekdays 9:00 – 6:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 6:00.  There are English speaking doctors who are used to working with foreigners. 

JETs who have visited Fukuda Women’s Hospital have reported the paperwork can be completed in English and staff will assist in finding you an English speaking doctor. English speaking OBGYNs at Fukuda’s hospital are Dr. Saito, Dr. Fukuda, Dr. Yamamoto, Dr. Hagiwara, and Dr. Obaru. JETs have also reported they were able to get the necessary treatment and medication as well at Fukuda Women’s Hospital.

The phone number is 322-2995 and their website is here: https://www.fukuda-hp.or.jp/

This information was last verified on January 2023.

Birth Control: Some of you may heard the pill is not as common in Japan as in western countries, a number of doctors in Japan are hesitant to prescribe the pill, and a “social stigma” about the pill in Japan. Although this is certainly intimidating and off-putting, do not let this dissuade you – it is possible to obtain the pill safely, easily, and without worry in Japan.

It is available at private hospitals and at women’s clinics. Picking up the prescription monthly is fairly easy: There is a brief consultation with the doctor (“Has anything changed?”, “How are you feeling?”, etc. It is not a full examination.) and your blood pressure will be measured. It is covered by your insurance and the price runs from 2,000 to 3,000 yen.

If you do not want to deal with a clinic or hospital monthly, you can see if your preferred brand is available online. You can have it shipped to you; however, you will need to include a written prescription from your doctor.

Alternatively, you can check out Japan Healthcare Info‘s online consultation service for the pill. The consultation is in English and they can mail the pill anywhere in Japan. You can request up to a 12 month supply at a time, with the doctor’s approval. JETs who have used the JHI Online Consultation for Birth Control Pills have reported ease and satisfaction with the service. For more information and to schedule an appointment, check out Japan Healthcare Info.

JHI Online Consultation Recommended in 2021, verified again in April 2023.