Travel Safety

If you plan to be away from the city in which you are contracted for an extended period of time, EVEN IF YOU STAY IN JAPAN, please complete a Travel Information Request Form well in advance and submit it to your tantosha. This may seem like a hassle but it is in everyone’s best interest! If an emergency occurs where you are contracted, OR in the location where you are traveling to, and there is no record of where you are or how to contact you, it will be very difficult for anyone to help you or account for you.

Register with your consulate or embassy
Non-Japanese citizens have a right to make one phone call if arrested. However, that one call may only be made to your consulate/embassy – nowhere else. Therefore, please register with your respective embassy.

Australian Consulate-General

British Consulate-General

Canadian Embassy

Chinese Embassy in Fukuoka

Embassy of France

German Embassy in Tokyo

Embassy of India in Tokyo 

Embassy of Ireland in Tokyo

Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo

Embassy of the Netherlands in Tokyo

New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo

Embassy of Singapore in Tokyo

South African Embassy in Tokyo

South Korean Consulate in Fukuoka

U.S. Embassy in Japan