SDC 2016

2016 Kumamoto ALT Skills Development Conference
December 1st & 2nd, 2016
Terrsa Hotel, Kumamoto City

Below are the 2016 workshop handbook materials in pdf format.

Workshop NamePresentation MaterialsAdditional Materials
Keynote Speech: Learn Like a Teacher, Teach Like a LearnerPower PointHandout
JHS Speaking TestsPower Point
Model SHS LessonPower Point
Drama Techniques in the ClassroomPower PointHandout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Getting Involved in the CommunityPower Point
Preparation for EikenPower PointHandout
ES Lesson PlanningPower PointHandout 1
Handout 2
Linguistics – Why Do People Have Foreign Accents?Power Point
JHS Discussion PanelHandout
Student MotivationPower PointHandout
Managing Cultural FatiguePower Point
Trading PlacesHandout
SHS Discussion PanelHandout
Creativity in the ClassroomPower PointHandout 1
Handout 2
Independent Japanese StudyHandout
ES Discussion PanelHandout
Games FairHandout
Technology in the ClassroomHandout
Strategies for Introvert-Leaning ALTsPower Point
Working in Japan After JETPower Point
PhonicsPower Point
Thriving as a Rural JETHandout
CLAIR Workshop: Communiケーしよう!Handout