SDC 2019

2019 Kumamoto ALT Skills Development Conference
November 28th & 29th, 2019
Terrsa Hotel, Kumamoto City

Below are the 2019 workshop handbook materials in pdf format.

Click the links below to download the pdf files, or download the whole lot in one pdf.

Workshop NamePresentation MaterialsAdditional Materials
Keynote Speech: Rethinking Pedagogy from Theory to PracticePowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint  (Japanese)
ES Lesson Planning & Demo LessonPowerPoint  (English)
PowerPoint  (Japanese)
Handout 1 (English)
Handout 2 (English)
Handout 1 (Japanese)
Handout 2 (Japanese)
Drama Skills for the EFL ClassroomPower Point (English)
PowerPoint  (Japanese)
Poster Making for Students: An Easy and Creative Classroom Activity PowerPoint  (English)
Strategies for Introvert-Leaning JETs PowerPoint (English)
Let’s SPEAK English: Building a Speaking-Friendly Classroom Environment PowerPoint  (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
Speaking Tests PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
Life After JETHandout (English)
Japanese PA Workshop on ALT Support
Elementary School ALT-HRT Panel with Group DiscussionDiscussion Q’s (English and Japanese)
Junior High School ALT-JTE Panel with Group DiscussionDiscussion Q’s (English )
Discussion Q’s (Japanese)
Senior High School ALT-JTE Panel with Group DiscussionDiscussion Q’s (English and Japanese)
Meditation and Visualization Techniques for Positive AttitudesWorkbook Handout (English)
Workbook Handout (Japanese)
ES & JHS Games FairWorkbook Handout (English)
Workbook Handout (Japanese)
How to Connect & Engage with Students PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
Workbook Handout (English)
Workbook Handout (Japanese)
Communicating ExpectationsPresentation (English and Japanese)
ALT-JTE Relations PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
 Ideas for Speaking Activities, Classroom Instruction, and TT Lesson PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
Phonics PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)
Handout (English)
Handout (Japanese)
Intercultural Communication and CQ PowerPoint (English)
PowerPoint (Japanese)