SDC 2021

2021 Kumamoto ALT Skills Development Conference
November 25th & 26th, 2021
Streamed Live via Zoom from Kumamoto Kenmin Kouryukan PAREA, Kumamoto City

Once again, Kumamoto SDC is virtual due to the risk of a large amount of people gathering from across the prefecture. A compilation of lesson plans, warm-ups and games, and activities outside of the classroom submitted by ALTs from throughout Kumamoto can be found below. Also, materials for the workshops can be found in the table below. If there is no materials available for the workshop, then the workshop leader either did not have any materials to share or chose not to share that information.

2021 Kumamoto ALT Lesson Wiki & Activities GuideOrganized and Designed by Simona Husarova
Workshop NamePresentation MaterialsAdditional Materials
Authentic English MaterialsEnglish
JET Skills
Life After JET: Career MentorshipEnglishGuest Speaker #1
Preparing for and Teaching EIKEN & Preparing for Speech ContestsEnglish
Supplementary English: English Boards & Digital ActivitiesEnglish Board
Digital Activities
Digitial Activities
ALT-JTE Relations A-ZEnglish
Effective Team TeachingEnglish
How to Win Over Students and Influence Them: A Guide to Engaging Classroom LessonsEnglish
Using ICT in the ClassroomEnglish
ALT-HRT Panel with Group Discussion (ES)
ALT-JTE Panel with Group Discussion (JHS)English
ALT-JTE Panel with Group Discussion (Low-to-Mid English Level SHS)English
ALT-JTE Panel with Group Discussion (Mid-to-High English Level SHS) English
A Clue for Improving Your LessonsEnglish
ALT-Student Relations: How to Connect and CommunicateEnglish
Improvising LessonsEnglish
Corona Exhaustion: Understanding the Impact of the Disaster with TELL JapanBasic Info of TELL
Race, Discrimination, Sexism, and Bullying