What’s The YOKA?
The YOKA is an English-language newsletter published by the Kumamoto Prefecture Tourism and International Policy Division with the help of current and former Kumamoto JETs. For current JETs, this is an opportunity not only to learn about some of the activities and events your fellow JETs are involved in, but also to get a glimpse of the what post-JET life is like from one of your senpai. Likewise, we hope The YOKA will give former Kumamoto JETs an idea of what current JETs are up to and help you maintain connection with the Kumamoto JET community.

What does ‘YOKA’ mean?
‘Yoka’ (よか) is Kumamoto dialect for ‘yoi’ (良い), which means ‘good’.

Want to Contribute?
We aim to issue The YOKA on a seasonal basis. Any and all contributions would be welcome. Whether you are a current or former Kumamoto JET, if you would like to write an article, contribute, or have any questions about The YOKA, please contact the PAs through our Google Forms survey. We would love to hear from you!

Send me The YOKA!
Currently, we send The YOKA to all current and former Kumamoto JETs by email. If you know of a current or former Kumamoto JET or anyone else who would like to receive The YOKA, or if your email address has changed and would like to receive The YOKA at a different address, please let us know through our Google Forms survey.

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